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The Environmental Club at the High School has finished their recycling video

Check out their video on You Tube.

Newtown Compost

The Town of Newtown, in collaboration with the Housatonic Resources Recovery Authority, is pleased to announce a new recycling program for food scraps.

The food scraps will be taken to New England Compost in Danbury and will be made into compost.

The new drop-off program will start Saturday, November 14th at the Transfer Station.

Newtown will be a leader in the state for waste reduction.

Newtown Compost

10 Simple Actions to conserve & energy


As 2016 progresses there will be a noticeable change to approximately 4 acres that are part of the Newtown Landfill.  The site will be transformed into a solar park that will produce an average of 1,500,000 kWh per year of clean electricity.  Under a Power Purchase Agreement with Solar City the town will purchase the generated electricity at $0.0630 per kWh vs. our current cost of $0.09795.  The new pricing will remain in effect over the 25 year life of the contract.

The 1.3 MW (DC) system will consist of 4,182 panels and 41 inverters.  Solar City will be responsible for the design, engineering, installation and maintenance of the project that will be built on land that would otherwise be just left vacant and unusable.  The landfill was closed and capped in 1994 and will only require minor modifications prior to the installation of the panels

The project is only possible because of Virtual Net Metering (VNM). This program was approved several years ago by the Connecticut State Legislature and is designed to give towns more control over their energy bills in the hopes of saving taxpayer dollars.  The program allows a town to build a solar energy farm on brownfields or other unused property and credit the energy produced to other buildings where solar panels may not be possible.  Newtown will apply the credits to the following locations:  Municipal Center, Multipurpose Center, Police Department, Public Works Garage, Waste Water Treatment Plant and the Emergency Operations Center.  The Transfer Station will be the host site.

The move toward renewable sources of energy and away from polluting the environment is a positive direction for the country, the state and the town.

The Newtown Sustainable Energy Commission

Global warming and climate change are upon us and virtually all scientists agree that human activity is a primary cause. Global temperatures and sea levels are rising.  Storms are increasing in frequency and intensity, causing both floods and drought.  Carbon emissions and other pollution are fouling the air we breathe, the water we drink, and endangering food stocks.  These events are also damaging human health and driving many species to extinction.  

We can reduce these impacts and protect the environment our children and grandchildren will inherit.  The choices we make today and in the coming years can help conserve the natural, economic, and social character of Newtown. While the challenge is worldwide, it is also local. Therefore, the Newtown community must think and act locally to soften the impact of past activities on our future well-being.

While being aware of global initiatives, we will collaborate at the community level to identify areas for conserving natural resources, to promote greater use of renewable energy, to help reduce emissions and pollution, and to increase individual awareness of ecology. We plan to help our community live sustainably and be good stewards for the earth.

Newtown Sustainability



To identify, implement and support renewable energy use, energy efficiency and energy conservation programs in which Newtown’s residents, businesses, organizations and town agencies can participate.

To disseminate information relating to cost effective and environmentally conscious renewable energy use, energy efficiency and energy conservation programs.

Furthermore, the Sustainable Energy Commission will support the efforts of Town elected officials, volunteers and employees to identify and implement renewable energy use, energy efficiency and energy conservation programs.

To support, develop, and organize any other such programs or innovations as recommended by the Board of Selectman.

Meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at the Municipal Center.

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