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84% of Newtown's Municipal Electric Usage is supplied by Solar Energy!

Newtown Compost

The Town of Newtown, in collaboration with the Housatonic Resources Recovery Authority, is pleased to announce a new recycling program for food scraps.

The food scraps will be taken to New England Compost in Danbury and will be made into compost.

Newtown will be a leade
r in the state for waste reduction.

10 Simple Actions to conserve & energy

Newtown Compost

Electric Vehicle and Charging Station

Electric Car

The move toward renewable sources of energy and away from polluting the environment is a positive direction for the country, the state and the town.

  • Two port Electric Car Charging Station at the Municipal Center Installed 2017
  • Purchase of Chevy Bolt all electric vehicle for town motorpool in 2018
  • Additional Charging Stations planned

Our Town Solar Projects

Reed SchoolReed School

Solar Installation Site System Size
Estimated Output/YR
Launch Date 
Waste Water Treatment Plant  79 134,000 9/1/2012
Newtown Middle School  150 205,000 5/1/2013
Parks and Rec. Garage  85 117,700 10/3/2014
Animal Shelter  12 17,300 10/3/2014
Reed School  528 712,000 7/1/2017
Newtown Landfill (VNM)  1,000 1,853,000 4/26/2018
Sandy Hook School  200 282,200 12/29/2017
Sandy Hook Fire House  60 89,700 12/29/2017
Sandy Hook Sub Station  12 14,900 12/29/2017
Dodgingtown Fire House  8 10,600 12/29/2017
VNM - Jackson-Sherman, Griswold CT  2,000 3,215,700 12/30/2019
VNM — Sydney, Hampton CT  2,000 3,200,000 7/3/2020
police station 191 S. Main  100 150,000 9/1/2020
Community Center  100 150,000 10/1/2020
Newtown Hook and Ladder  60 89,000 8/1/2020
(Pending VNM — Pike, Hampton CT  1,000 1,600,000 7/1/2021
Totals  7,394 11,841,100
Town Transfer Station
Reed School
Middle School
Reed School

Newtown Sustainability

Meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at the Municipal Center.

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To identify, implement and support renewable energy use, energy efficiency and energy conservation programs in which Newtown’s residents, businesses, organizations and town agencies can participate.

To disseminate information relating to cost effective and environmentally conscious renewable energy use, energy efficiency and energy conservation programs.

Furthermore, the Sustainable Energy Commission will support the efforts of Town elected officials, volunteers and employees to identify and implement renewable energy use, energy efficiency and energy conservation programs.

To support, develop, and organize any other such programs or innovations as recommended by the Board of Selectman.

The Newtown Sustainable Energy Commission

Global warming and climate change are upon us and virtually all scientists agree that human activity is a primary cause. Global temperatures and sea levels are rising.  Storms are increasing in frequency and intensity, causing both floods and drought.  Carbon emissions and other pollution are fouling the air we breathe, the water we drink, and endangering food stocks.  These events are also damaging human health and driving many species to extinction.  

We can reduce these impacts and protect the environment our children and grandchildren will inherit.  The choices we make today and in the coming years can help conserve the natural, economic, and social character of Newtown. While the challenge is worldwide, it is also local. Therefore, the Newtown community must think and act locally to soften the impact of past activities on our future well-being.

While being aware of global initiatives, we will collaborate at the community level to identify areas for conserving natural resources, to promote greater use of renewable energy, to help reduce emissions and pollution, and to increase individual awareness of ecology. We plan to help our community live sustainably and be good stewards for the earth.

Sustainable Energy Commission, Town of Newtown - Copyright 2016